Welcome to Cosmic Cavern -
located half-way between Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri

One of America's Top Ten "Must See" Caves
Guided Tours
- Beautiful - Interesting - Educational - Family Fun -

Bring your camera or camcorder and join a live tour guide (questions are encouraged) for a stroll into the underground world of stalactites, soda straws, and the bottomless lakes (divers have never found the bottom) discovered in the Ozark Mountains in 1845.

Our cave is the "warmest" in the Ozarks, with high humidity and always 62 degrees. Come and join us for one of the most educational, entertaining and interesting guided tours ever.
Cave Salamander Creatures

Cosmic Cavern has two cave lakes you will see on the tour. The first lake, or south lake has had trout in it for nearly 50 years. Some have gone blind and most have lost their color. The bottom or end of these lakes have yet to be found.

The Ozarks blind cave salamanders are very rare, but you mignt see one at Cosmic Cavern.

Come and ask us why our bat population is just now returning after 70 years of absence.
"Silent Splendor" was shown on CBS News in early 1993 and featured in newspapers all over the U.S. This is one of the major cave finds in Arkansas. You will see the most delicate part of the Ozarks. Pictures cannot do it justice, it's something you have to see to appreciate the beauty.

Our 1 hr, 15 min. tour will awe both young and the young at heart. As you journey along our inspected and safe walkways you will see many unique and beautiful formations. These amazing and educational tours offer view of many cave formations such as: stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, sodastraws, helictites, cave bacon, draperies, and many other speleothems.
Straw Formations
Gemstone Panning If you have time, come and spend the day. A pavilion is available for sack lunches; plus Cosmic Cavern has a basketball hoop, museum, gift shop, and gemstone panning--fun for the whole family. Gemstone panning is a favorite of both young and old. It's like panning for gold, only you pan for rubies, emeralds, aventurine, sapphires, quartz, etc.

For school groups: In addition to the regular tour (1 hr. & 15 min. with a total distance of 1/3 mile, for all ages), we now also offer a unique one-of-a-kind Aquifer Study program designed for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. To truly benefit schools, a significant discount is available for this 2 hour program. We offer discounts for large tour groups, please call for rates.
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Cosmic Cavern has plenty of free parking for busses and tour groups.

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Cosmic Cavern

For More Information Contact:
Cosmic Cavern
c/o Randy Langhover
6386 Hwy. 21 North
Berryville, AR 72616

Touring Cosmic Cavern

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